Saturday, September 30, 2006


Jessica Stam for W magazine.

I absolutely love this shoot. The vividness of the clothes, the sharpness of the pictures totally accentuate every single detail in the background. See how the slightly smoky azure blue of the sky juxtapositions the vibrant colours of the dresses? The way the set was arranged is breathtaking too; every picture shows how the very loud colours clashed to create a eyecatching piece, yet they dont make one's eyes sore.
Juxtapositions, juxatapositions, juxatapositions. The dirty, broken pieces of trash and the electrifying clean colours of the pieces. The hazy hapharzrd background and the sharpness of Stam in her loose, yet somewhat structured clothes. The cheap and deserted rubbish and the dedacance and luxurious outfits.
And finally, Stam in her ebony tresses and piercing blue eyes.