Monday, October 27, 2008

Dance this way

No words... Rocha rock it! 

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Aryan Envy

Galleria Borghese

Magazine: Elle Italia (November 2008)
Editorial: Galleria Borgese
Photographer: Luis Sanchis
Model: Ingerid Maske
Credit: Diciassette

I'm really loving the whole high fashion 80s Monroe look the model is really pulling off here... pity yellow and blonde dont go well together. 

Quite akin to this following editorial...
Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Magazine: i-D November 2008
Photographer: Alasdair McLellan
Model: Lara Stone,Randy Johnston

One minute of silence for the sad demise of Randy... word has it that his cause of death was a OD. 
On a lighter note, there's this running joke that Lara Stone is always naked in her editorials cause of her outstanding figure in the clotheshorse industry today. I say eh... no harm done! :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Old, but gold.

Hilary and Coco ham it up for a spread. This only means... all the more the reason for photo-flooding with my Macbook, no? :D

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Alright alright... chill out.

School has started for about a month, which explains the lack of posts here.

But now that September has started, I think it'd be hard to tear myself away from the abyss of fashion, seeing that New York Fashion Week is commencing in just 2 days, 5th Sept! 


Thursday, July 24, 2008


The eyes are the window of one's soul, and it seems that this is the only way this lithe femme is able to express herself. Her eyes speak an epic novel of a calm hopelessness, whilst maintaining a touch of a smile on her lips. Which beckons the question: what is this secret passion that she lives for? Or is it a passion that has to remain as just that- a secret?

Source: fotodecadant

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Noir is law

Melanie Huynh is sans rival, when it comes to styling in noir, being French... need I say anymore?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Homme pour la femme

I was sifting through and tfs when work was really slow last week, and I found myself being quite taken quite a handful of Men's collections!

Calvin Klein Homme S/S 2009

Although gray has usurped black as the hue due jour, I still love the colour (as I tend to shy away from IT colours) quite a bit! This baseball jacket in heather gray (gray, confettied with specks of white <3)>

Maison Martin Margiela Homme S/S 2009

I was never quite into MMM, but then his Homme collection has converted me! With every piece boasting his precise tailoring, the separates come together to present his biker-grunge aesthetic, which is really appealing, esp when fitted on a model, of course! Haha.
Richard Chai Homme S/S 2009

I daresay Chai was never on my radar before, but I guess now he is! I like the 80's references in this collection, what with the powder blue suit, combed back coiffs and classic plaid. Am totally digging the powder blue suit, esp if it can be unzipped>cropped!

Veronique Branquinho Homme S/S 2009

The male Henleys, cardigans and tanks here encapsulates an organic kind of French chic-ness. While my colour palette tends to contain B& W only these days, I'm contemplating adding red to the whole mixture, seeing how lively the colour is! And the pants in the first picture, looks like it'd be amazing for lazy days, when paired with a tank and cardigan. Think its DIY-able ... to my dad's closet it is!

Source: and Tfs

Monday, June 30, 2008

Sun-glass's half full

The Chanel shades Mk has on are mindblowingly awesome. Am going to wait for inspired ones to get into the highstreet stores (crosses fingers) to see if I can pull them off a fraction of how Mk totally rocks them.

Haha, can you actually tell that I have this much time on hand at work? I'm actually blogging daily now!

All year round

Just when I was grousing earlier about how bland my b&w outfits for summer is, Helmut Lang reassures me that its not. In fact, some of the classic white tank-black mini outfits seen in his Resort collection is similar, if not exactly the same to the ones I don almost every other day!

Unlike Calvin Klein who churns out dull and unflattering pieces, Lang's minimalisitic aesthestic is really clean and appealing. Bonus, is that every item in this collection is easily translatable for any day of the year!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

C'est le printemps!

I've been dressing in monochromatic hues of black and white and I reckon it's about high time I get into le mode du printemps! So I've been hitting and checking out the resort collections...
Missoni Resort 2008
Thank you, Angela, for not overdoing the whole knit thing you have done, reinterpreted, reinvented and redone till grandmoms are sick of it. Because this little knit toga is actually kind of cute, and really a pretty little outfit for spring/summer! Of course, a huge floppy beach hat would totally complete the look... just saying.

This colourblock thing everyone's been doing for their Resort lines... I'm giving you mad props for pulling it off better than the rest! While I'm not too crazy about the colours you've going on there, I really like the striking contrast of the hues you've chosen, and how that horizontal sash seems to pull the whole look together. Was not trying to pull a pun there... but haha sometimes I crack myself up when I'm freezing and bored in the office. Zzz..

Florals are huge this year, and hence because of the sublimal sartorial influence, I like this piece. Mainly cause its not crazy pajama-print-florals all the girls are wearing on the streets, and neither is it ugly brush strokes masquerading as flowers, but almost, like a painting of the gardens of Narnia.

Nicely done here this season, Missoni, unlike a certain Mr Wang, who seems to have been replaced by a ghost This Fashion designer for this Resort season. Tut tut, really!

In all truth, I'm a tad disapppointed actually; none of the designers have picked up on honest-to-goodness resort-chic. Gonna pull it off all on my own this season then, of course with the help of the mother's plastic. Hehe.

And surely, no outfit is complete without a sac to tote your essentials around, no?

Sweet, sweet fringe from Gojane. I've kind of pigeonholed my overall aesthestic and think I'm kind of rockandroll-hippie. Kind of.

Not as awesome as the one above, but still lovely in its own pseudo-hippie right. From Forever21. Sigh.. Have been waiting for sprees from these two sites for the longest time ever!

This one I'll die to get my hands on cause it is the perfect summer sac!! Total steal at 1,230US$ from Givenchy!! Just that at this moment it means that I've got to go steal from a bank or something. Gonna wait it out and see how this obsession with it goes!