Thursday, February 21, 2008

Too exhausting

School's been running me ragged!

Shirt: G2000, high waisted shorts: Topshop, shoes and bag: Bkk gems.

Then I got really tired and went for my go-to outfit that's way effortless and slack.
Shirt: Cotton On, denim shorts: Mango, shoes and bag: Bkk gems.

Tripping through the garden

I'm not the girliest and that is just about an understatement, what with my major aversion to pink and florals. But I think I really need this dress by Junya Watanabe.
I'll wear it spring through winter, with my 300 sandals, and sunny yellow slingpurse, and make merry happy all year long!

Sidenote: Yay, I can finally post again! The earlier 3 posts were done in school, hehe, because Blogger was rather determined in labelling me a spambot on my Mac the last few days! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Miuccia does Prada best

Lace overboard! Miuccia did what seemed like an unwearable collection this season, but of course we shall wait and see how the pieces would work in editorials.

Nonetheless, she's a genius when it comes to acessories, and especially, shoes!

Her imagination is all Prada ever needs.

A Prada Spring 2008 animation.
Amazingly surreal.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Erdem's landscape

I never thought what I learnt in my elective would come in handy, but...

This is abstract expressionism.
Correction: this is abstract expressionism done splendidly.

Not only is it not baffling (like many abstract expressionism pieces), it is also extremely wearable, even for spring.

"Like a landscape speeding past when you're on a train" was what inspired the colour palette of acid yellow, orange and purple, and it takes one creative mind, Erdem's to be specific, to translate the scene of nature into a piece of art.

"From the beginning, I decided to just go all the way with what I love." It seems like others are just starting to love what he does. That's the best, really, to make a mark with what you love. And Erdem has done it.

Kate does Doo.ri

"Jersey girl" Doo.ri was one designer I never bothered to follow, what with her signature redraping of jersery dresses and outfits.
Two things that would never have caught my attention: Fluidity and pink.
But I think Miss Bosworth here in Feb 2008's Vogue might have just made me take a double look and start marveling at the structured fluidity of the entire outfit in the spread.
I might just change my mind about the design concept of fluidity... but definitely not pink.
Ok ok, oyster pink's fine.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pretty pretty Asprey

Known primarily for their top of the line jewelry pieces, Fall 2008 is Asprey's third ready-to-wear collection to date. The deisgner, Brit Hakan Rosenius, has had more than 2o years on the London fashion scene being the creative director of Paul Smith's rtw mens and womens' wear.


While this collection is nothing new conceptually, Rosenius has slipped in a bit of British charm, with subtle tweaks on the classic British trench and the Burberry check. 
The result? A collection that more than complements their luxurious jewelry and a treat for the eyes. 

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The dulls

Told me mom that ever since CNY was approaching, my outfit colour palette has been limited to white, greys and blues, and she laughed. Cool mom, no? 

Friday, 15th February. 
Boat neck: Cotton On, shorts: Topshop, sweater: Nafnaf, scarf(around neck) and bag: Bangkok gems. 

Friday, February 15, 2008

My hair!

The tips of my mane was singed today whilst I was peering into my pot of soup. The burnt stench was overwhelming and my hair had burnt curly tips. The horrors!

Sigh. Poor me.

Sorry I havent been posting much; been totally swamped with projects and assignments!

Tuesday, 12th Feb
Faux denim shirt dress: Cotton On, bag: Bangkok gem, shoes: C&K. 
Haha I chickened out and wore my beggar shoes to school in the end. One day, one day I will muster the courage to proudly strap on my heels and stroll around the mountainous terrain of a school!

Calvin Klein, Spring 2005 RTW
Wednesday: CK colour inspired! 
Top: Topshop, belt: my sister's wardrobe, navy sweater: Nafnaf, highwaisted shorts, shoes and bag: Bangkok gem!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Trend alert: Blair's bows

Watch out Upper East Siders, cause B's making a comeback, a high fashion one! This fall, all the NY designers are looking to Blair for fashion inspiration, particularly, her fondness for bows!

Proenza Schouler


Charles Nolan

Behnaz Sarafpour

So get yourself a pretty scarf, and bow it up around your neck a la Proenza or Thakoon. Or, for the timid, a ribbon in the hair would still have Queen B's approval; you know you want it!

You heard it here first, on Yellow Stilettos,

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I am not a murderer!!

I kid, I kid. Inside joke, lah.

My CNY outfits! I actually Photoshop-rotated them, so that you guys don't have to bend over! Thank me!

Friday, I believe.
Dress: Zara, shoes: C&K, bag: mom's. 

Repeat outfit for CNY today, I know, I know, travesty of CNY...But I looked nice with my new shoes, so who cares!
Top: here, jeans: Zara, bag and shoes: C&K

Mk all the way

I was just clearing up my comp the other day, and came across these in my folder.

They are no doubt old, but still each and every outfit of hers is a sleek kind of NY-trashy chic.
I like!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Gong hei fatt choi!

I have been too lazy and hence the lack of posts! Still the same, throat infection and all. Its been more than a week already, yikes! 

Here you go, backlog of outfits!
Monday, late for school, again! Not surprised anymore, huh. Haha
Top and shorts and knee high socks: Topshop, bag and shoes: Bangkok gems, usual accessories!

Top: Topshop (It is a totally diff top from the Monday one!!), skirt, scarf and beggar shoes: Bangkok gems! 

Yeah, don't mind my mess in the photos; I've had enough nagging about it already. 

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Resemblance, much?

I have nothing against Monique Lhuillier but...

Twins, no?

Source: and

Be still...

my beating heart!

Meh... Peter Som's collection didn't really interest me with his mishmash of prints and ruching, but the shoes, the Louboutin shoes for his collection are extraordinary!
I've decided: I'm not going care anymore if I tower over others, or if my feet would hurt in the middle of the day, I'm going to get me some(read: MORE) heels!

Wang for the win!

I haven't said this about any collection before, but I do believe that Alexander Wang's Fall collection is one in which I can imagine myself wearing every single piece!

With a dark edge to his pieces, I like how Wang collocated a slouchy masculine silhouette with a sensual femininity. It's all about simple classic pieces in a sleek ensemble, and the "I hate my life" glower; all that I love and can do!

I don't care how pretty Fall 2008 is going to be, seeing the direction the other NY designers are taking, but I'm going WASP grunge!
Source: pictures from